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Need a real challenge? The AMZ driverless team is going all out in building a driverless race car that can even beat the human driver! Come and join our team to build AMZ's next generation autonomous system! Take a deep dive into the fascinating technology that makes our autonomous race car see the track, estimate its current state and execute the optimal race line.


Joining our team means implementing software/hardware and/or taking responsibility in the following modules:


You build the senses of the car. Develop a camera system and be creative with the newest vision algorithms and machine learning. Or work with the newest LiDAR technology to detect as many cones as possible. Maybe even fuse them together, to build one powerful pipeline and push the limits of how fast we can drive.


Combine the inputs from multiple sensors to provide an accurate estimate of the car’s velocity, build a map of the track while driving using a complex SLAM algorithm, or plan the best way to navigate the track.


Here, it’s all about pushing the car to its limits. Plan the optimal trajectory around the track and develop the algorithms that control the many powerful actuators, to finally be faster than a human driver.

Software Infrastructure:

Build on the framework to integrate the software into the car, or improve and expand our Automated Testing System running on our in-house server to allow code improvements without hitting the test track. On the hardware side, design a computer fast enough to execute the driverless pipeline at high speed and tough enough to survive the harsh conditions on board a race car.

Simulation and Data Analysis

High fidelity simulation allows to design, test and tune the software before even going to the track. Accurate modelling of the physics behind an autonomous racecar as well as all its state-of-the-art sensors is a fascinating challenge. You’ll be able to conceive and build this simulator: the goal is to build a powerful and intuitive tool not only for testing the amz autonomous pipeline but also for decision making and scenario analysis.


The applications for the 2022/23 season are closed. The recruitment for the 2023/24 season will start again in September 2023.