Last Thursday we presented the new 2021 cars, alvier and pilatus driverless. We were able to host a hybrid event at the BMW Group experience center, in Dielsdorf. We unveiled the completely redesigned new electric car, Alvier, and explained the development of our driverless car, Pilatus. Unfortunately, we could only invite a very limited number of guests due to the current federal restrictions, however, we streamed the entire event that was followed by more than 350 sponsors, friends, and colleagues from other Formula Student teams around the world. 

After a short introduction, the detailed technical innovations of this year’s cars were unveiled. 

Following the keynote, our guest at BMW and the people following the streaming were able to assist to a live demo of both alvier and pilatus driverless. The driverless team demonstrated two disciplines that pilatus driverless has to perform at competitions, Autocross and Track drive. Autocross is the discipline where the car has to race on an unknown track and map on the fly while in Autocross the car has to drive ten laps of a race track. 

After the rollout, the next phase of the project begins, the competitions. AMZ will participate in several Formula Student competitions throughout Europe and we are very excited to see what results can be achieved with the new technologies that were developed in the past two years. 

If you have not done so, we highly encourage you to watch the 2021 Rollout of alvier and pilatus driverless that is now available here on our youtube channel. 

Finally, we would like to thank all our sponsors, partners, and friends that helped us through these past two years and helped us to make this possible. 

To find out more, read our full newsletter in English (PDF) or in German (PDF).