A month ago, a group of curious students came together at AMZ driverless to attend their very first “Märlistunde”. It is an affectionate term at AMZ for the first team meeting of the season, which traditionally consists of alumni presenting the formula student and our technical systems. Since the “Märlistunde”, a lot of things have happened within the team.

With pilatus, the car of choice for season 2021, we are having a great basis for further pushing autonomous racing to the edge. Built by the AMZ electric team of 2017, pilatus has served as the base car for the AMZ driverless team of 2019 and the team of 2020 as well! Thus, pilatus unites a large number of alumni passionate about sharing their learnings and the stories behind their design choices. In the last couple weeks, the new team has been eagerly studying and evaluating the current pipelines to make informed decisions on how to develop systems that see further ahead, improve localization and better follow a more optimal race line!  


The new team has put a lot of effort into familiarizing themselves with our many tools, processes and culture. As responsibilities and roles have been distributed by now, we are getting more efficient every day. Only time will tell how far we are able to push our performance this season. But one thing is clear, we are highly motivated and the human driver's performance is not our limit!

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