Working with Restrictions

Since our previous newsletter, our driverless team has become used to working from home and has managed to finish off their first iteration of the software pipeline for the new year. We remain keen to return to more normal workspaces and routines, given the recent lifting of restrictions, however we also want to keep our team members working in a safe environment. To this end, we are consistently monitoring the situation and adapting our workspaces and practices to allow for sufficient distancing of team members.

Design Mock

The team recently engaged in their first design mock event, where alumni pass on their experience with the design events to the current team. For these design events, real or mock, it is crucial that team members have an overall understanding of their own work, as well as everyone else’s and the base car design. Through this process, then, the team members deepen their knowledge of the car, the overall software pipeline, and the interactions between hardware and software.


In order to achieve our set goal of beating the laptime of a human driver, our team has now begun testing how our new implementation performs on tarmac. We aim to test our car as often as we would in a normal season. This fast-pace testing helps the team learn and adapt to new problems that the car encounters when placed in a real world scenario, and gives them more hands-on experience with the car than ever before.


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