As the new decade begins, the driverless team is working hard from home to achieve their new goals. The development of pilatus driverless 2020’s underlying autonomous software is in full swing. Thus far, the software interfaces between the car’s perception, estimation and control systems have been defined.  Several of the many exciting new concepts that were considered over the winter are currently taking their shape in the form of newly written code. This code will undergo many future changes and improvements as it is reviewed and verified by fellow team members to ensure that the entire stack works together with the corresponding hardware in perfect harmony.

Autonomous Racing Workshop 2020

From February 21st to the 23rd, 11 members of our team attended the Autonomous Racing Workshop  hosted by the e-gnition driverless team in Hamburg where they had the opportunity to exchange interesting thoughts and ideas on technical solutions with fellow teams participating in the Formula Student Driverless season.

Working From Home

As the health and safety of our team members is the highest priority, ETH and AMZ are committed to avoid the spread of coronavirus in Switzerland. Team members are following the rules and guidelines set by ETH and the Swiss Federal Government, and therefore are now working on continuing their work packages from home.

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