Christmas season has reached Zurich! Throughout the streets the markets have opened, the smell of fresh roasted chestnuts fills the air and decorations brighten the early dusk with a warm and comfy light. Similarly the AMZ office provides shelter from the cold winter while the team converges closer and closer to the final form of «alvier». This critical phase in the project relies on good communication and teamwork such that the team can confidently transition to the manufacturing phase in the new year.

The electric team

A lot has happened since the last newsletter; it is hard to conclude in a short manner. Starting from a blank sheet in September the team responsible for the car proudly presented their ideas and concepts at the detailed concept presentation at the end of November. Despite the engineering feats achieved up until this point, there are still many questions and concepts that need to be worked out and validated, before reaching the design freeze on Christmas.

The driverless team

During initial meetings, the team has presented their early findings and thoughts, and already it is clear that the autonomous systems of pilatus will look quite different for 2020. While some aspects are tried and true, others are being challenged by the new recruits. A key focus is on what was identified as areas for improvement after the end of last season, with the goal to help the new pilatus driverless car excel in all areas in 2020.



You can read all about what else happened during the last couple of months and which challenges we expect to face in the new year in our newsletter here in  English (PDF, 15.9 MB) or in German (PDF, 15.9 MB).