After about eight months of concept evaluation, detailed development, programming and initial commissioning, we have reached our first major milestone two weeks ago: the rollout of our autonomous racing car, pilatus driverless, and its sister car, mythen.

This is the start of the project phase in which the team can finally show its performance on track. This week we will compete with other teams for the first time at a pre-season event: ZF Racecamp in Friedrichshafen. Our latest prototypes build on the success of the previous seasons to try to defend our position at the top of the world ranking.

With our newest autonomous race car, we have set ourselves the goal of significantly improving the driverless performance and approach the lap times set by human drivers. For this purpose, successful concepts from last year were further developed, and integrated with several completely new technical solutions.

Read all about pilatus driverless and its features in our latest newsletter: Download (PDF)